African Grey Bird Cage Bundle

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Bundle Information

African Grey Bird Cage Bundle

Hand Picked Bird Products By Our In House Specialists.

Bundle Features

1: Liberta Discovery 2nd Edition Medium Parrot African Grey Amazon Corner Cage + 3 Bird Toys.

1: Northern Parrots Edible Calcium Parrot Perch - Large.

1: Northern Parrots Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch - Jumbo.

1: Camiter Bird Toys Parrots Toy 7pcs Hanging Swing Chewing Bell Toy.

We recognise that all our customers have specific requirements when it comes to purchasing a product for a pet bird like our newest African Grey Bird Cage Bundle. So here at Birdshop we have put together a bundle to try and make things a little bit easier. Our in-house specialists have selectled a range of bird products that not only complement each other but provide some amazing vaule for money.