Caitec Paradise Sisal Bird Perch, 1.25-Inch by 36-Inch

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Manufacturer Description

A adaptable perching remedy made with all-natural sisal rope for an uneven surface.
Organic sisal rope tends to make a excellent different to cotton, it is relaxed to perch on, stroll and climb along. The plaited rope lengths develop an uneven surface, which in flip retains your Parrots feet exercised and healthier.

A thick metallic wire core indicates your Parrot has a perch with additional power and 1 that holds its condition, so they can truly feel secure and secure as the transfer along it. The rope finishes are heavily secured by challenging and tough plastic caps which fasten securely to the cage bars.

The inner wire core indicates you can bend the Sisal Rope Perch to make entertaining designs for your Parrot to climb along. Getting a amount of these perches equipped across the cage indicates your Parrot can get up and down their cages (inside of or out) without obtaining to use the cage bars.

Bird Product Features

  • Birds can climb or roost
  • Made of eco-friendly, natural sisal for your bird's comfort
  • UPC (12-digits)

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