Jingle Foraging Barrel Parrot Toy by Northern Parrots

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Product Description

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Manufacturer Description

A barrel of foraging fun for your Parrot.This tough acrylic cylinder is suspended from a metal chain, ready for your Parrot to start some foraging fun.

Push small rewards into the barrel that your Parrot would happily forage for. The clear design lets your Parrot see the goodies inside, now they have to work out how to retrieve them.

To remove their rewards, your Parrot must work at removing them through the holes predrilled into the side and base of barrel. For easier access there's even a hole at the bottom to push through treats for your clever Parrot to locate.

Foraging is a natural behaviour for many Parrots and is something they'd spend many happy hours doing in the wild.

Inside the cylinder is a metal bell and colourful plastic beads, for added entertainment, colours and sound for your Parrot to enjoy. These rattle and happily chime away as your Parrot plays, sounds noiseloving Parrots adore.

Use the long metal pear link hanger provided to securely and quickly attach this Jingle Foraging Barrel Parrot Toy to your Parrot's cage or play gym stand.

Product Features

In stock for immediate despatch! FREE UK Delivery and Returns!. A barrel of foraging fun for your Parrot.
This Suitable for African Grey,Amazon,Caique,Conure - Large,Conure - Small,Eclectus,Macaw - Small,Meyers and Senegals,Quaker,

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