Malaga Extra Large Chicken Coop with Run

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Manufacturer Description

The Malaga Hen Property with Operate is an desirable and protected property for your chickens, ducks and other fowl. Its further big dimensions is best for delivering a spacious setting for wholesome chickens.

This coop provides a sheltered sleeping and nesting property with a ramp top to the reduce operate location. The door which the animals use can be open up via a pull essential with no the need to have to enter the operate. For simple cleansing there is also a slide out plastic tray. The entrance door functions a handy mesh window with sliding panel, giving you the selection of delivering extra ventilation to the coop for the duration of heat temperature. Durable metallic mesh panels provides safety from foxes and other predators. Manufactured from substantial top quality, taken care of wooden to make sure longevity and lengthy-lifestyle. Overall Proportions*: L188 x W70 x H117cm Residing Location: L71 x W51 x H70cm at greatest peak Nest Box : Top 37cm (at hutch,31cm at conclude), Width 31cm. length 37cm Color: Pink *Based on outermost extremities Assembly essential Full guidelines provided *Based on outermost extremities Assembly essential Full guidelines provided

Bird Product Features

  • Made from high quality wood
  • Slide out plastic tray for easy cleaning.
  • Egg collection box with hinged lid.
  • Large run area
  • Suitable for 2 - 6 Birds (depending on size and breed)

Product Information

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