British Birds December 2018

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British Birds December 2018

Important Bird Areas: British Antarctic Territory BAT is a UK Overseas Territory that includes the Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea, extending from 60ºS to the South Pole. It has 19 species of regularly breeding birds and is particularly significant for Emperor, Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adélie Penguins, Southern Giant Petrel, Cape Petrel, Southern Fulmar and Snow Petrel. Several of these species are globally Near Threatened and require urgent action to improve their conservation status. 

The changing status of the Pallid Harrier in western Europe Since the 1990s the status of the Pallid Harrier in western Europe has changed beyond all recognition. Once an extremely rare vagrant, it now appears increasingly regularly in several countries. On migration, high numbers of juveniles usually follow good vole years, and the development of a northeast–southwest migration across Europe is discussed.

BB eye  Saving a place for Nightingales: citizen science, conservation and the planning system

Notes  A dark adult Long-tailed Skua in Shetland; Sparrowhawk caching food; Long-tailed Tits feeding on witch-hazel flowers; Common Starlings forming ‘baitball’ in response to an attack by Peregrine Falcon

My patch  Pagham Harbour and Pulborough Brooks

Book reviews, News & comment and Recent reports complete the December issue.

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