British Birds January 2019

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British Birds January 2019

Bernard Tucker Memorial Lecture: The shearwater’s world  This paper describes a long-term study population of Manx Shearwaters on Skomer, together with data from other study populations in Britain & Ireland. The recent development of miniature bio-logging technology has enabled us to find out more about the shearwater’s world, both on land but especially at sea. The latest research is summarised here which sheds light on where they spend the non-breeding season, where and how they forage, decisions on when to breed and how they navigate. 

Bearded Vultures in northwest Europe  Over the last 25 years more than 70 Bearded Vultures have been seen across northwest Europe. It is likely that all such extralimital Bearded Vultures originate from reintroduced Alpine populations. The species has been placed in Category E in Britain and elsewhere. This article explains the background to these decisions.

Female Green-winged Teal in Shetland  A female Green-winged Teal, paired with a drake, was seen and photographed in Shetland in May 2018. This is perhaps the first confirmed record of a female for Britain & Ireland. The identification of this bird, and of female Green-winged Teal in general, is discussed.

The BB/BTO Best Bird Book of the Year 2018  British Birds and the British Trust for Ornithology announce the winner of the award for Best Bird Book of the Year. All books reviewed in BB, BTO News and on the BTO website during 2018 were eligible. This year’s winner was: Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds: Passerines

BB eye  The sound of silence

Notes  Diving behaviour of a White-billed Diver in Caithness; An atypically large-billed nominate-race European Storm-petrel in Scotland; Greater Flamingo breaking and eating Avocet egg; ‘Foot-stirring’ feeding technique of Great White Egret used to catch Bank Vole; Nectar feeding by Great Spotted Woodpecker in Devon; Green Woodpeckers feeding on apples; Male Blue Tit feeding an injured female; Great Tits feeding on Tree Bees

Obituaries  Roy Taylor

Book reviews, News & comment and Recent reports complete the January issue.

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