British Birds June 2019 – summary of contents


British Birds June 2019 – summary of contents

Wetland restoration by the RSPB – what has it achieved for birds?  During 1990–2015, the RSPB acquired around 8,750 ha of land on which to restore wetland habitat. This restored land now supports more than 10% of the UK breeding populations of Black-necked Grebes, Bitterns, Cranes, Avocets and Bearded Tits. It also supports a high proportion of the Lapwings, Redshanks and Snipes that breed on lowland wet grassland in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The future challenges for wetland restoration are discussed.

A long-standing feral Indian Peafowl population in Oxfordshire, and a brief survey of the species in Britain  Indian Peafowl (Peacocks) were brought to Britain by the Romans. It is argued that some populations are self-sustaining and merit consideration for Category C of the British List.

Digital video aerial surveys of Red-throated Diver in the Outer Thames Estuary SPA  A new survey of the Outer Thames Estuary Special Protection Area confirms that the site supports by far the largest aggregation of non-breeding Red-throated Divers in UK waters.

BB eye  A woman in a bird recorder’s world

Letters  Hunting in Europe

Notes Little-endian Arctic Tern and Roseate Tern in Northumberland

My patch  The Butt of Lewis

News & comment, Book reviews and Recent reports complete the June issue.

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