British Birds May 2019

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British Birds May 2019

Identification of Short-tailed Shearwater in the North Atlantic Ocean  Short-tailed Shearwater is an abundant species of the Pacific Ocean. Vagrancy to the North Atlantic probably is greater than suggested by the few documented records. Criteria for the separation of this species at sea from the similar-looking Sooty Shearwater and dark-plumaged Balearic Shearwater are presented.

Important Bird Areas: Turks and Caicos Islands  The UK Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos Islands in the West Indies is home to 58 native breeding species. These include six range-restricted species and two endemic subspecies: Thick-billed Vireo and Greater Antillean Bullfinch. The islands are also home to regionally important breeding colonies of gulls, terns and other seabirds. Threats to the islands, in particular to the nine IBAs, include the impact of alien invasive species, tourism and tropical cyclones. 

The regulation of urban gulls in the UK: a study of control measures  This article presents the results of research conducted into the measures adopted by local authorities across the UK to regulate gulls nesting in urban areas. Local authorities have adopted two categories of control measures to deal with the problems: measures against gulls and measures in relation to people. 

BB eye  Using BirdTrack in annual bird reports

Obituaries  Martin Woodcock

Notes Migratory restlessness and other behaviour of two species of migrant crakes in the Maltese Islands; Western Subalpine Warblers showing features of Eastern Subalpine Warbler; Nectar feeding by Great Spotted Woodpeckers; Great Grey Shrike feeding berries to nestlings


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