Monday 13th January

Monday 13th January
Bob, yesterday had carried out his WeBS count, but it was not easy with cold wind, rough sea and very bright sun!!! Bob counts from Port Charlotte up to Blackrock.
GND 1, Slav Grebe 7, Cormorant 5, Shag 38, Oystercatcher 34,Turnstone 6, Ringed Plover 28, Dunlin 21, Knot 7, Eider 16, Red breasted merganser 17, Common scoter 13, Long tailed duck   3 Pale bellied Brent 7, Glaucous Gull 1, H. Gull 46, C. Gull 49 and G.b.b. Gull 3.

Think that Bob, like Gary, made the correct decision to do their WeBS count when they did as the weather¬† with the strong winds would have made it impossible today…
Source: Islay Birds