Monday 1st April

Monday 1st April
Well another month in with the rainfall tally up hee at home for the month of March coming to 4.6 inches in total.

Yesterday with the better , nicer, warmer weather around, Lesley had seen several small Tortoiseshells and also a couple of Peacock Butterflies in her garden. She also spotted a Thrush sitting on a nest in the hedge. Lesley was also saying that she has been hearing and also seeing both Redwing and Fieldfare flying overhead through the week…
Also yesterday Peter had been out for a spot of birding with some guests, after returning from leading a tour to Borneo, and then visiting family in New Zealand. Out on Loch Indaal, from Bruichladdich Pier, they had seen 5 GND, 25 RTD, and a single BTD all in non breeding plumage. At the Pier, they also had spotted a Tystie. Later on, up at Gruinart, they had a flock of 175 Golden Plover out in the fields below the visitor centre with some now in breeding plumage. Finally up at Ardnave, they had seen 2 Wheatear and also 2 Sand Martins..

This morning Phill had counted a raft of 16 Eider in the bay at Port Ellen. The weather out here was not as good as yesterday, just as well we took a daft turn and did some time working outside when we did.  I am not complaining, as long as the weather improves and stays for some time in a fortnight so we can sow the seeds!!!
Source: Islay Birds