Monday 30th December

Monday 30th December
Malcolm was in touch earlier on today…

“I know you are used to good numbers of Goldfinches on your feeders, but here I’m usually
pleased if I have three or four. However, having not seen any this autumn until I, belatedly, put out a niger seed feeder in early December, there were four Goldfinches feeding at it within 24 hours. Who told them? And it hasn’t stopped there, numbers have continued to increase, and yesterday there were no less than 22 of them, easily a record for down here at Bruichladdich. Indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 10 before. They really make such a colourful spectacle.”
So I had better try to get a better count of our Goldfinches over the next few days, up here at Shepherd’s cottage for the sake of comparison…

JamesĀ  saw a Merlin on the reserve at Gruinart today. This afternoon we had a fleeting glimpse of a Hen Harrier down at Loch Gorm and then later on, we had a Sparrowhawk fly past us, about 10 feet above us, as we were driving up towards Gruinart just after Erasaid.
Source: Islay Birds