Monday 30th September

Monday 30th September
Thought that I had cracked the nut and should have been able to show you a couple of images but my pc has other thoughts on the matter, perhaps tomorrow…

The other day, Mandy had seen a juvenile Golden Eagle take off from one of the fields up at Carnduncan and it flew on towards Culbuie and then today she had seen a couple of Whitefronts fly over her house.

Peter had counted 140 Whitefronts fly over his house at Bruichladdich, the same geese I presume were seen by Fiona. Fiona had also seen 6 Whoopers as well, where though I was not told….
James was in touch to give his goose numbers, a count of 1767 Pink footed geese
flying in from the West through to the East. with 785 landing down on Loch Gruinart itself. James also had 23 Whoopers asĀ  well as 3 Barnies as well… A sure sign that the Winter is not that far away…
Source: Islay Birds