Saturday 18th April

Saturday 18th April
Lesley had sent me through the following  seen by her this past week..
“A beautiful week with loads of sun which has brought out the birds, butterflies and bees.
Monday, I had my first Willow Warbler now 4 days later they are singing from every bush. One great view of a bird singing its heart out in a willow full of catkins and bumble bees.
After seeing one summer visitor, I thought I would try for another so went in search for Wheatears along the coast at Saligo on Wednesday and before long I had seen 8. As I turned into my drive there were 2 in the field.
Thursday it was Redwings on the move. I had upward of 100 feeding and moving in a very determined way. I also saw 2 Common Sandpipers and 2 male and 1 female Red breasted Mergansers displaying similarly to great Crested Grebes i.e. extending their heads and necks in the water and propelling themselves forward fast then sitting high in the water. A first for me. Stonechats are singing from the vantage points and all the garden birds are joining in. Primroses, violets and bluebells are out. Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock butterflies are on the wing. I have seen a pair of Merlin not far from my house. A fantastic week.”

Mandy saw 2 Redwing at the bottom of the track this morning.

James saw a Little Egret as he drove across the flats at Gruinart this morning
Source: Islay Birds