Sunday 10th March

Sunday 10th March

Chris Mills is over this week leading a group from Norfolk Birding. Last night they had a Barn Owl and on their way round Loch Gorm this morning, they had seen 2 Golden Eagles out over Ballinaby. At Gruinart, they saw the Little Egret.
James had counted 52 Knot out on Loch Gruinart itself, a Merlin on the flats, the Little Egret was noted out below the visitor centre and finally he had a Sparrowhawk also on the reserve at Gruinart. James said that the count for the Knot was a high count for here as we do not normally have that many…
Finally, some sad breaking news … There was a fire this morning at the Fair Isle Bird Observatory, not sure of the exact details, but not sounding too good.. Fire crews from Shetland were flown in to help. Will try to keep you posted tomorrow should I get some more information.

Source: Islay Birds


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