Sunday 21st June

Sunday 21st June
James was in touch this afternoon with some birds and a general natter as well…
The other day up at Ardnave, James had counted 80 Barwits and also an Otter was present there as well. James was saying to me that along the Woodland trail at Gruinart, he had heard 2 Blackcaps, a Chiffchaff calling away as well asĀ  3 Goldcrests seen there.

Malcom e mailed me part of an article that was in today’s edition of The Times, relating to the recent series screened on the TV of Springwatch..
” Now that Springwatch has been forced to abandon its distracting and cringe-inducing

campfire repartee, it has evolved into the fascinating programme that it always ought to

have been. Great to see that Chris Packham has been transformed into an adult. Please keep

this format”.

Source: Islay Birds