Sunday 31st march

Sunday 31st march
Yesterday Alastair Hart had seen a Raven as it flew past, while Al was down at Portnahaven.
Today, Alastair had seen an Otter down at Port Bhan and also some Pale belied Brent Geese. 20 Curlews were seen flying out from Coultorsay. Out on Loch Indaal , he saw some RTD and GND on the water.
Visiting birders from Fife, Bill and Margaret had seen a male Hen Harrier out quartering its patch below Leek. Later on they had seen some Chough, job done folks, the 2 bird species that they had come to see, both seen on the first day of their present visit..
Yesterday and today, Margaret has been busy cutting the grass, here at home, I have busy as well sitting on our wee tractor , rotovating the ground, getting the ground ready for sowing the bird seed crop and also 3 areas which we are going to sow with different wild flower mixtures… Mind you we were both bird watching when driving around, Margaret had a distant Golden Eagle, way out over the crag, There were 16 Jackdaws and also 6 Pied Wagtails following me on the newly worked ground. After tea, when we looked on the newly worked ground, there was a mixed flock of around 45 Twite and a few Linnets having a good howk on the ground!!!
Source: Islay Birds