Thursday 17th January

Thursday 17th January
Well, here goes, and hopefully I will get this entry out before this laptop goes on the blink. I started out writing this on my big pc and lo and behold, it has stopped working… boo hoo!!!
Andrew Kent has kindly sent me through the figures from the International Goose count held on Tuesday and Wednesday. The figures were as follows 35,251 Barnies, 6,364 Whitefronts and 616 Greylags. The figures from Jan 2018 were as follows 37,487 Barnies, 5,077 Whitefronts and 597 Greylags, while count from Dec 2018 was 31,263 Barnies, 5,847 Whitefronts. Many thanks to Anrew and his team for that.

Up here at home another raptor day, some place, and I was not glued with my bins stuck to my eyes. It started off with seeing a Merlin take off from the wall and fly away down over the reedbed. Late morning, a ringtail Hen Harrier flew over the game/ bird crop, down towards the bottom of the field before it turned left ad flew along the front of the cottages. Mid afternoon, we had the pesky Sparrowhawk on the wing, I went and looked at the cameras, and right enough it had carried out a flypast over the old bird table as well, but never got anything!!! While  I was out the , I saw the pair of Buzzards out on top, at  their usual spot, perched away up the hill on the Deer fence!!! In between time over at the former Kilchoman School, on the way to Gruinart, a Fieldfare was seen.
Today Gary had seen 30 Long tailed Ducks on Loch Indaal, out from Blackrock, and later on, he had seen an adult White tailed Eagle perched on a rock way up above Finlaggan. More coming from Gary tomorrow night!
Source: Islay Birds