Tuesday 11th June

Tuesday 11th June
Some sightings through from my old mate Armin who has contributed many sightings to the blog when over here on holiday… This visit,  a bit of a change to Armin’s “normal” visit as he is over on Jura for his first week.. Back on Sunday, he had watched an Otter out hunting/playing around in the middle of Small Isles Bay. On the beach just in front of the cottage where Armin is staying, he saw a Ringed Plover running along the beach, kicking the sand as it ran along.. He also saw a Starling looking for something in the seaweed.

Yesterday, Armin had the long trek over to Loch Tarbert walking along Evan’s walk. When he was stopped for some lunch, taken over at Loch Tarbert, he spotted a pair of Shelducks with their 8 young ducklings.

Today, Armin had taken the boat trip to the Corryvreckan whirlpool, and on the trip, he had seen at least 4 Golden Eagles and also a White tailed Eagle. He also saw several Gannets as the boat approached the whirlpool… Back on dry land again after his trip, down at the pier at Craighouse, he had seen 3 Mute Swans. Shortly afterwards while walking back to his cottage, the swans flew past, and they landed in the water close to the cottage. He also spotted a Heron standing on the shore.
Source: Islay Birds