Tuesday 24th December, Christmas eve

Tuesday 24th December, Christmas eve
By the sound of the reports that I received in yesterday, the weather had not been too kind for folk to go out bird watching in…. Having said that Clive Mason used his car as a hide cum mobile hide, like what we do sometimes ourselves.

On the fields behind the RSPB visitor centre, up towardsĀ  Grainel, Clive saw a Canada x Barnacle hybrid Goose along with some Barnies. Later on, over at Carrabus he hadĀ  a great, close sighting of a male Merlin sitting on a fence post along side the road…

Before I forget, have a great time tomorrow wherever you may be tomorrow, have a Merry Xmas. Not much sign of much snow around, you can always hope that the weather forecast got it wrong!!!
Source: Islay Birds